November 10, 2010

SHIFT @ Designers Open 2010

Thanks to everybody who was there and to the boys and girls, you did a great job!

October 12, 2010

September 1, 2010

Exibition @ Designers Open Leipzig

Dear Friends,
if you are interested to see this collection live, please come to the wonderful fair Designers Open in Leipzig.


July 13, 2010

the final pics

Thanks to Alexander Schindel for the wonderful pictures!!!

Thanks to Sofia and Sofie for their passion!

May 21, 2010

THANKS to Bodo!

Dear guys,
I proudly present .....

millions and millions of comuter keys...

and they will transform into my heading for my written part...
and this is how it could look like...
So what do you think?

April 20, 2010

Design Concept

I thought about writing a little about the design concept of shift.
The collection will consists of app. 6 Outfits for woman only (sorry for all men ou there...).
"Shift" will be a modular collection, so you can combine all pieces as you wish and find your personal style or mood of the day individually.

Individuality is a big thing in my collection. I try on this blog to communicate my ideas with the public and get influenced by this. So I hope to find new ways of dealing with fashion and fashion problems. The garments should not be "fitted"....I mean the garments should fit mostly everybody who is in between size 34 and 38/40. This fact is quite important, because most consumers deal with fitting problems every day. They don´t find the right size and getting frustrated. So in "Shift" they should find themselves pretty and good looking, no matter which proportions they have.
The design concept works also with the different situations you have in your daily life. There will be pieces to wear for a formal dinner party, for work, for a hot party on the weekend, for sports and at home. All garment should make you fell comfy, beautiful and not boring!
I hope to fullfill all these aspects and hope you will be part of the "Shift"....

March 14, 2010

Colour Conzept

Here they are: the colours!

What do you think?

March 7, 2010

why am I doing a blog?

Gustav Speth describes the key way to promote sustainability as "green jazz"
"Jazz describes a world in which people harness situations and opportunities to find solutions and in the process create ´a complex marked-led world of ad hoc experimentation´. It involves partnerships, alliances and fluidity to meet civil demands."

But while I am preparing about my graduation work I read and thought a lot about so called
OPEN SOURCE DESIGN. Started with things we all know, like Wikipedia or YouTube the movement also introduced Pro-Am´s (professional amateur) into designing or researching for companies.
I thought this blog like an open source network where I tell about the things I am doing but as well getting comments. So I would please you to write what you think or handle some kind of things.
I hope I can activate you as a reader to take part in this project. It is also a part of sustainability to connect the consumers with the products- this should be a try!
I will give you some knowledge about the way to produce a collection- also called transparency. In theory this should fulfill both of the sides and maybe you like to start something similar in the future?
The sence of open source is to get and give information. I take my information and current news from other blogs and put everything nessecary in here for this special project.
But why should you get involved?
As I mentioned before you get fulfilled! I promise! To be an active part of such a cool project is one of the benefits. Another is that I produce a woman collection which is chic, useful, beautiful and sustainable! And if everything goes well, maybe one day you could buy this stuff somewhere and could say- hey, I have been a part of this!
So please tell everybody you know about this blog and take part of the SHIFT collection!

And do you want to see already sucsessful projects?
Here they are
citizenfashion open source page where everybody can place their designs and getting voted
selfpassage  horrable webpage, but nice stuff
matrushka T-Shirt nights, where the consumers can buy their individually made shirt
dosurf wonderful page! You need to take a look!

March 6, 2010

Plastic Planet Movie and things to know and do

I have seen Plastic Planet last week and of caurse I am impressed. Shure, I knew a bit about plastics before, but now I start thinking about plastics in my daily life again. So please see my links below and start a shift in your life as well......

Video über Plastiktüten

And please sign the petition about forbidding plastic bags in Germany
Petition über das Verbot von Plastiktüten

And do you want to know whats in your toothpaste? Then check this:
Zahnpasta Check

March 5, 2010

Inspiration and the first collages

My Inspiration is ready now....I am going to be inspired by cell structures and microscopic pictures of cells. It will be exiting to work with this detailed structures and I hope I find a nice way of combining sustainability with organic basics.
Here are some first tries....

February 25, 2010

I have a question

please look at yourself and tell me:
what are you wearing today?
why did you bought it?
what do you like about your clothes?
why do you throw garments away? what are the reasons?

preparations for my graduation work

....which will be calles shift- sustainable fashion.
i would like to use this blog for discussing with everybody about the stuff i am doing...
so please feel free to add comments which can help me on my way to a very sustainable collection!
In the following posts you will find other blog-posts which are important for this subject and parts of my work I am doing.
Maybe I should introduce me quickly.....I am Caro, a fashion design student from Germany and this will be my last semester for graduation. I am forced to do a fashion collection (min. 6 Outfits) and a small written graduation work.
My collection is called: shift- sustainable fashion and deals with sustainability in general and design issues. For example: my starting point was to use green fabrics like organic cotton/hemp/silk/ and recycled poyester. Then I looked for sustainable stuff like buttons, ribbons and yarn.
This is the base for the collection and right know I am thinking about my if you have any ideas- please feel free!