April 20, 2010

Design Concept

I thought about writing a little about the design concept of shift.
The collection will consists of app. 6 Outfits for woman only (sorry for all men ou there...).
"Shift" will be a modular collection, so you can combine all pieces as you wish and find your personal style or mood of the day individually.

Individuality is a big thing in my collection. I try on this blog to communicate my ideas with the public and get influenced by this. So I hope to find new ways of dealing with fashion and fashion problems. The garments should not be "fitted"....I mean the garments should fit mostly everybody who is in between size 34 and 38/40. This fact is quite important, because most consumers deal with fitting problems every day. They don´t find the right size and getting frustrated. So in "Shift" they should find themselves pretty and good looking, no matter which proportions they have.
The design concept works also with the different situations you have in your daily life. There will be pieces to wear for a formal dinner party, for work, for a hot party on the weekend, for sports and at home. All garment should make you fell comfy, beautiful and not boring!
I hope to fullfill all these aspects and hope you will be part of the "Shift"....

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