February 25, 2010

preparations for my graduation work

....which will be calles shift- sustainable fashion.
i would like to use this blog for discussing with everybody about the stuff i am doing...
so please feel free to add comments which can help me on my way to a very sustainable collection!
In the following posts you will find other blog-posts which are important for this subject and parts of my work I am doing.
Maybe I should introduce me quickly.....I am Caro, a fashion design student from Germany and this will be my last semester for graduation. I am forced to do a fashion collection (min. 6 Outfits) and a small written graduation work.
My collection is called: shift- sustainable fashion and deals with sustainability in general and design issues. For example: my starting point was to use green fabrics like organic cotton/hemp/silk/ and recycled poyester. Then I looked for sustainable stuff like buttons, ribbons and yarn.
This is the base for the collection and right know I am thinking about my inspiration....so if you have any ideas- please feel free!

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