March 7, 2010

why am I doing a blog?

Gustav Speth describes the key way to promote sustainability as "green jazz"
"Jazz describes a world in which people harness situations and opportunities to find solutions and in the process create ´a complex marked-led world of ad hoc experimentation´. It involves partnerships, alliances and fluidity to meet civil demands."

But while I am preparing about my graduation work I read and thought a lot about so called
OPEN SOURCE DESIGN. Started with things we all know, like Wikipedia or YouTube the movement also introduced Pro-Am´s (professional amateur) into designing or researching for companies.
I thought this blog like an open source network where I tell about the things I am doing but as well getting comments. So I would please you to write what you think or handle some kind of things.
I hope I can activate you as a reader to take part in this project. It is also a part of sustainability to connect the consumers with the products- this should be a try!
I will give you some knowledge about the way to produce a collection- also called transparency. In theory this should fulfill both of the sides and maybe you like to start something similar in the future?
The sence of open source is to get and give information. I take my information and current news from other blogs and put everything nessecary in here for this special project.
But why should you get involved?
As I mentioned before you get fulfilled! I promise! To be an active part of such a cool project is one of the benefits. Another is that I produce a woman collection which is chic, useful, beautiful and sustainable! And if everything goes well, maybe one day you could buy this stuff somewhere and could say- hey, I have been a part of this!
So please tell everybody you know about this blog and take part of the SHIFT collection!

And do you want to see already sucsessful projects?
Here they are
citizenfashion open source page where everybody can place their designs and getting voted
selfpassage  horrable webpage, but nice stuff
matrushka T-Shirt nights, where the consumers can buy their individually made shirt
dosurf wonderful page! You need to take a look!

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